<aside> 💡 These updates are based on the measures for the city of Berlin. https://www.berlin.de/corona/massnahmen/

Last updated 25. November 2020


Detailed Hygiene concept (25.11.21)

To reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all those who use the aequa CC space are required to observe the following rules and are encouraged to follow the recommendations.

Please do not come to the space if you are feeling ill or have cold/flu symptoms of any kind.

1. For events, a negative test is required to enter the space for events until further notice.

2. Wear a mask or mouth cover whenever you move around/through the space — any time you are not seated. This is as much for the protection of others as yourself.

3. Wash your hands upon entering. Practice consistent and diligent hygiene while in the space, especially before/after using shared equipment such as the coffee machine or kitchen equipment.

4. In case of events, please make sure you have registered or filled in one of our contact forms so we can follow up with you in case of a reported infection.

5. Please keep distance when coworking by honoring our limits per table. Please disinfect the table and chair you used before you leave.